About Us

Malta’s Specialist Recruitment Consultancy for Accounting,

Compliance, Banking, Insurance and Payments


Accelerate Recruitment Solutions


Accelerate was established in Malta in 2016. We were established to provide specialist recruitment consultancy services for accountancy, insurance, payments and banking specialists.

Accelerate has a team of experienced recruitment consultants who are specialist recruiters in these sectors. This gives our clients and candidates comfort in our recruitment consultants knowing the jobs and positions they are searching for.

Accelerate operates as an independent specialist recruitment consultancy but also draws on the tools, training and financial resources from the 70-person strong Recport Group.

Other members of the Recport Group include:

Archer Recruitment Ireland

Archer IT Recruitment Malta

Archer IT Recruitment Cyprus

Engage People Ireland

Access Healthcare Ireland

What We Do…

Solutions Tailored to You

The world of employment is always changing. We’ll be there through each shift, each transformation, each development, continuing to create lasting connections. 

Focus on Quality

The companies we work with have high standards. They need the best. We recognise and share these standards.

Understanding Your Career Path

Whether you’re looking for your next step up the ladder or to take a new turn on your journey, Accelerate is here to help you develop, both personally and professionally. 

Principles of Culture

Stronger Together

We are best when we collaborate as a team.

Journey to Excellence

We never stop learning and improving.

Courage and Candour

We are honest with ourselves, each other and we don’t flinch.

High Performance

We are relentless in our effort to be the best.

Client Impact

We make sure our clients can see the difference.

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