AML & MLRO Recruitment and Jobs

Accelerate Recruitment has a major focus on recruiting people in Malta with Compliance and Risk skills. This page is dedicated to jobs and vacancies for AML (Anti Money Laundering) and MLRO (Money Laundering Reporting Officer) skills.

There are good career opportunities in Malta for people considering AML jobs and MLRO positions. There is a strong payment and banking sector on the Island. Also, with the evolution of data analytics and the volume of data generated on a daily basis, the demand for experts in AML (Anti Money Laundering) has risen significantly.

Money Laundering Reporting Officer (MRLO) is also a growing profession. The number and size of fines for anti-money laundering (AML) and financial crime compliance (FCC) breaches have been increasing so organisations are taking to opportunity to strengthen the MRLO function.

Accelerate is a specialist finance and legal recruitment agency/recruitment consultancy based in Malta. We also have two other pages for special compliance jobs and legal and lawyer opportunities in Malta.

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Current AML & MLRO Jobs in Malta