Create a Winning CV for your Next Job Interview in Malta

This is our chance to give back to you and help you create a strong and professional CV that will, in turn, provide you with more interviews and opportunities to get the job you really want. As a finance and legal recruitment company in Malta, we have gone through every possible CV template imaginable and we know exactly what each company and client is looking for in a winning CV.

The aim of this is to provide you with the best opportunity and to leave the manager or consultant in a position where they actually want to meet you. The first place to start is choosing a top CV builder and testing out a couple of different CV templates.


Here is a list of the different types of CV templates and when they are appropriate to use:

1. Standard CV Template

This is one of the most popular CV templates to use (alongside your expert or professional CV template) depending on the industry and job you are applying for. For most hiring managers in Malta, placing a stronger emphasis on the content with a simplistic format and structure to the CV that is easy on the eye is key. At the end of the day, it’s the information you are providing in your CV that will determine whether a hiring manager will move forward with your curriculum vitae.


2. Specialist CV Template

This CV template is the number one template when applying for jobs in the accounting, banking, insurance, payments, legal, compliance and corporate services sectors in the Maltese market. The majority of the big firms, banks and multinational companies will prefer this specialist resume template over the others. If you’re unsure of how this should look from a formatting, style and structure point of view, have a browse through the company’s website which should give you a better idea of what your specialist CV template should look like.


3. Creative CV Template

This would be the least common CV template to use, particularly in the finance and legal sectors in Malta. Creative CV templates are fun and eye-catching, however, you need to establish the audience you are targeting when making your creative resume template. This resume template can be useful when applying for a job in Marketing, Graphic Design, Fashion Design, Animation, Copywriting, Photography, Web Design etc. For creative professionals, it’s good to show your creative skills and in some cases a portfolio of your past work experience.


4. Modern CV Template

If you are applying or looking for a job in a new start-up or modern organisation, you want to think about going with a modern style CV template. This type of resume format places more emphasis on the style, design and appearance of the curriculum vitae (headings, structure, font and colour). This modern resume is a great way to make certain information stand out more than others such as experience, certifications and qualifications.

If you decide to go with this modern resume template style, it’s better to get some advice and approval from the recruitment consultant assisting you through the process.


Here at Accelerate Finance and Legal Recruitment, we not only help you find the ideal opportunity but can also help shape your curriculum vitae in a way that is attractive to a hiring manager. This is a great way to put you on the front foot at the start of your recruitment process.

We are here to guide you on your career journey and offer our career advice when you are looking for a new job so feel free to contact us for more information and speak with an Accelerate recruiter – it turns out that we are experts in creating a great resume.

Here are some other useful links with CV examples that can help give you an idea of how to create and build a CV template that suits you and the role you are applying for.

For further information on how to create a winning CV or looking for advice on how to improve your current CV, feel free to get in contact with Alessandro Binetti.

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