Why the iGaming Industry in Malta is so Attractive for Candidates

The iGaming industry in Malta is booming with growth set to continue well into the next decade. Malta’s progressive gaming legislation, introduced in 2004, prompted major gaming industries like Bet 365,  Betsson, Betclic, and Leovegas, among many others, to establish company bases on the island. While most of these iGaming giants have a well-established presence in Malta, the favourable tax system, VAT exemptions, superb connectivity and sector services have attracted hundreds of iGaming startups as well.

Malta’s groundbreaking technology and willingness to adapt and welcome innovation means there is a range of exciting jobs in Malta in the iGaming sector.


What sort of job opportunities are there in the iGaming sector in Malta?

Online gaming is a relatively new industry with various job opportunities. This section considers the types of jobs in iGaming that are often advertised in Malta. It is worthwhile consulting Accelerate recruitment agency in Malta to find the most recent job opportunities with exciting and reputable iGaming companies. Industries in the iGaming sector typically seek talent in the following areas:

  • Accounting
  • Financial controlling
  • Finance
  • Auditing
  • Compliance
  • Payments and Fraud
  • Risk
  • Responsible Gambling
  • Operations
  • Legal


What are the advantages of working in the iGaming industry in Malta?

With its flourishing IT industries and online casinos, Malta has become a vibrant hub attracting talent from all over the world. The iGaming sector is relatively new and has a young, multicultural workforce.

This section considers the benefits of pursuing a career in the iGaming industry in Malta:

Earning potential. Salary packages are highly competitive. There are many lucrative jobs in Malta in iGaming and with experience, it is easy to work your way up and achieve financial success.

Personal tax benefits. Professionals sometimes pay as little as 15% tax with high earners paying a maximum of 35%.

Flexibility. Remote and hybrid working patterns are often available. The number of iGaming companies means you can change jobs quickly and easily if you feel limited in one company.

Networking possibilities. Malta’s vast talent pool means you will be surrounded by industry peers. This provides excellent scope for networking, idea sharing and connecting with finance and legal professionals.

Perks and bonuses. Companies in this dynamic sector invest in their employees and tend to offer a lot of perks to professionals. Training opportunities, health insurance policies, gym memberships and bonuses are expected benefits to finding a job in Malta in this industry.

Career progression. To remain competitive, the industry is keen to anticipate and follow sector trends and is willing to equip its workforce with additional training and upskilling opportunities. The industry is keen to retain top talent so professionals are rewarded with promotions, pay rises and training incentives.

Courses in iGaming. Malta has its own European gaming Institution which offers accredited diplomas in iGaming which can be taken online or at evening classes. There are fantastic Continuing Professional Development (CPD) courses in various specialisms. Master’s degree courses are on offer and while costs are modest, it is also possible to get funding through Malta’s Get Qualified Scheme. Most iGaming companies are keen to fund employee training courses and offer in-house training.

A great addition to your CV. Malta has an excellent reputation for innovative legal and compliance frameworks and is a renowned leader within the regulated markets. Working here will boost your professional credibility and increase your chances of getting a job elsewhere.

Relocation. Careers in the iGaming sector provide optimum opportunities for relocation. The globalisation of the industry means it is easy for employees to get jobs within branches of a company abroad. It is one of the few industries where you can progress your career while living in various exciting locations.

Social events and company team-building. The iGaming workforce is young and diverse and some companies organise fantastic social and leisure events for their teams.

Conferences and industry events. As an iGaming powerhouse, many big gaming conferences and events occur in Malta. This drives the industry forward and raises the profile of the island.


How do you get a job in Malta in the iGaming industry?

The industry is young and appeals to professionals who are starting out on their career path or who wish to change careers. It is an industry that welcomes creative ideas and critical thinkers. It is best to seek work through a recruitment agency in Malta with contacts and relationships with major companies on the island to help you find a job that matches your skills and qualifications. Consider the suggestions below to improve your chances of getting the right job in Malta.

  • Research the companies that interest you. Study their job descriptions and find out precisely what sort of jobs they advertise and which skills you require to get a job there. A genuine interest and enthusiasm for working in the sector is crucial.
  • Work experience. Try and get relevant work experience in the sector or a related field. An internship or apprenticeship can be an excellent way of securing an entry-level position and placements are usually paid.
  • Update your CV. Ensure that it showcases all your skills and qualifications. Tailor your skills to match the prerequisites on the job description. Include transferable skills and relevant soft skills.
  • Get additional certification. It is easy to get online certifications that you can study for at your own pace. Just ensure that you opt for authoritative course providers.
  • Consider a Bootcamp. If you want to gain relevant qualifications quickly, you might consider signing up for a Bootcamp in the relevant subject. This is a fast-paced, intense way of upskilling that suits some professionals.


Do you need to get a visa to find a job in iGaming in Malta?

The Maltese government has made it easy for EU and UK citizens to live and work in Malta and get the proper legal documentation. The process is also simple for nationals from Switzerland, Norway and Iceland. Many iGaming companies offer sponsorship to US and Canadian nationals to simplify the process.


Trends in the iGaming industry in 2022

Malta’s burgeoning iGaming industry is showing no signs of slowing down with several UK industry leaders now considering a post-Brexit move to the island. Malta’s progressive outlook means its casinos keep up with trends and advancing technologies which strengthens its foothold in the industry.

Ever innovative, most Maltese iGaming companies are now providing mobile gaming apps for use on phones and smartwatches. Rapidly evolving virtual reality (VR) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies are making online gambling more interactive and social and bringing it to more customers. Cryptocurrency payments are becoming a safer, more popular way to transact at online casinos. With its sophisticated financial infrastructure and blockchain development, Malta is in an excellent position to widely adopt this form of payment.


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