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Accelerate Recruitment Finance & Legal Salary Survey 2022

Salary Survey Guide ’22

Updated with the latest sectors and salaries to reflect the latest trends, market activities and salary market rates.

Accelerate Recruitment Candidate Information & Relocation Pack Malta

Candidate Information Pack

Information and relocation pack highlighting the great living conditions and work-life balance opportunities in Malta.

Why the iGaming Industry in Malta is so Attractive for Candidates

The iGaming industry in Malta is booming with growth set to continue well into the next decade. Malta’s progressive gaming legislation, introduced in 2004, prompted major gaming industries...

Why the Insurance Industry in Malta is worth considering for job seekers

If you’ve ever considered starting or developing your career in insurance, now is the perfect time to give it some serious consideration. The insurance industry is expanding and undergoing...

5 Reasons why having a CV Template is Critical for your Career

The Importance of having a CV Template Finding the right job can be difficult, but we are committed to helping you make the best first impression. Using a CV builder can easily create an...

Create a Winning CV for your Next Job Interview

This is our chance to give back to you and help you create a strong and professional CV that will, in turn, provide you with more interviews and opportunities to get the job you really...

Building Your Professional Network in Malta

‘Does anyone know a good person for this job?’ Around the world right now there are a group of people discussing a new job and in several languages, the question is asked around the room...

The 5 Main Reasons People Move Jobs in Malta

Everyone’s career tells its own story. No two career trajectories are quite the same – so it stands to reason that no two career moves would be quite the same. But when candidates are...

Finance, Accounting, Legal, Compliance and iGaming Specialisations

Malta job market trends and insights

Insurance Salary Survey Malta 2022

The insurance job market is strong in Malta. Malta continues to be attractive to International Insurance companies as it builds on its existing success. An interesting trend in...

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