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Jonas specialises exclusively in recruiting within the Corporate Services & Legal sectors for respectable companies in the Maltese market, where he has developed and screened his own group of top talented candidates.

Jonas’s profound knowledge of the Corporate Services sector allows him to approach and offer his clients the best candidates in the market and abroad. Jonas is a trusted advisor to both his clients and candidates.

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Corporate Services Recruitment and Jobs in Malta

Accelerate Recruitment has a range of opportunities for candidates within the Corporate Services Industry in Malta. The Corporate Services Providers (CSPs) in Malta are providing valuable services to individuals and international organisations. International companies recognise Malta offers a favourable business environment and is a significant Offshore Financial Centre.

The CSPs are active in a broad range of industries, including shipping, iGaming, Fintech, and Aviation. We have a broad range of job positions available across the buoyant corporate services industry, including positions for finance, accountants, audit, legal, compliance officers, client services, and regulatory compliance. At Accelerate Recruitment we have specialist consultants and job pages dedicated to accounting jobs and compliance jobs.

If you would like to discuss opportunities within the Malta Corporate Services sector, feel free to reach out to one of our consultants.

Key Skills in Demand for Corporate Services Jobs in Malta

In the corporate services sector in Malta, there are several key skills in high demand for professionals seeking jobs in this industry. Here are the essential skills:

1. Company Formation and Administration: Proficiency in company formation and administration is crucial. Professionals should possess knowledge of legal requirements and procedures for setting up companies, maintaining company records, and ensuring compliance with corporate regulations.

2. Corporate Governance: Understanding corporate governance principles and practices is highly valued. Professionals should be familiar with the roles and responsibilities of directors, shareholder relations, and best practices in corporate governance frameworks.

3. Compliance and Regulatory Knowledge: Strong knowledge of corporate compliance and regulatory requirements is essential. Professionals should understand the legal and regulatory frameworks applicable to corporate services, such as company law, tax regulations, AML regulations, and data protection laws.

4. Financial and Accounting Skills: Proficiency in financial and accounting principles is valuable in corporate services. Professionals should have a good understanding of financial statements, budgeting, cash flow management, and tax compliance to provide accurate financial advice and support to clients.

5. Client Relationship Management: Excellent client relationship management skills are crucial. Professionals should be able to build strong relationships with clients, understand their needs, and provide high-quality service. Effective communication, responsiveness, and a client-centric approach are key to success in this field.

6. Legal Knowledge and Documentation: A basic understanding of legal concepts and documentation is important. Professionals should be able to interpret legal documents, draft basic legal agreements, and collaborate effectively with legal advisors when necessary.

7. Communication and Interpersonal Skills: Strong communication skills, both written and verbal, are essential for professionals in corporate services. They should be able to communicate clearly and concisely with clients, colleagues, and external stakeholders. Interpersonal skills, such as active listening, negotiation, and problem-solving, are also crucial for building positive relationships and resolving client issues.

8. Multilingual Skills: Given Malta’s international business environment, proficiency in multiple languages, particularly English, is highly valued. Knowledge of other languages, such as Italian or German, can be advantageous in serving clients from diverse backgrounds.

9. Time Management and Organisation: The ability to prioritise tasks, meet deadlines, and manage multiple projects simultaneously is important in corporate services. Professionals should have strong time management skills, attention to detail, and the ability to work efficiently in a fast-paced environment.

10. Technological Proficiency: Proficiency in using technology and digital tools relevant to corporate services is increasingly important. This includes familiarity with accounting software, document management systems, client relationship management (CRM) platforms, and other software used in the industry.

Professionals pursuing corporate services positions in Malta may flourish in their roles, fulfill customer expectations, and contribute to the country’s growth by possessing these crucial talents and consistently growing their expertise.


Career Path for Corporate Service Jobs in Malta

A career in corporate services in Malta typically begins with entry-level positions such as Corporate Administrator or Assistant. Professionals can then progress to roles like Corporate Services Officer, Senior Corporate Services Officer/Account Manager, and Corporate Services Manager, gaining more responsibilities and overseeing client portfolios.

Senior leadership positions such as Director or Partner may be pursued, or professionals can specialise in specific areas within corporate services or start their own consultancy. Continuous professional development, maintaining client relationships, and upholding professionalism and integrity are key to success in corporate service careers in Malta.