13 Top Tips for Recruiting and Retaining Top Legal Professionals in 2023

Like other professions, a key concern of legal firms and agencies is recruiting and retaining top legal professionals in 2023. The shift to higher worker expectations from employers is particularly relevant to the legal profession. If you are interested in sourcing top legal talent contact Accelerate today. The rise in AI technology has raised questions and shaken confidence among potential legal professionals and new recruits to the sector.


Top tips for making the legal profession attractive to candidates

In this article, we suggest top tips for recruiting and retaining legal professionals in 2023 and beyond.

1. Compensation. Salaries in the legal profession have risen in the last 12 months. A recent survey indicates that 46% of legal professionals consider the salary to be the most important aspect of their job. Excellent health insurance, pension benefits, and bonuses are critical components of the compensation package. A competitive salary is essential for hiring and retaining top talent in the legal profession.

2. Career development. Legal professionals are ambitious and motivated to learn. They actively seek opportunities for progression in the sector. The business world has transformed rapidly and legal professionals are anxious to stay abreast of changes and keep their skills relevant. Providing a career pathway. Mentorship possibilities and opportunities for skill and knowledge development are essential for attracting and engaging professionals.

3. Flexible working. Digital transformation has facilitated flexible work patterns and hybrid models within the profession. A Reuters survey indicates that 63% of legal professionals want to work on a hybrid basis. Legal firms need to offer this option and leverage technology to ensure that workers access top tech and tools to optimise their performance. Law firms must also ensure that workers outside the office can attend all meetings digitally and have access to the same opportunities as staff who are present in the office.

4. Building teams. Teamwork is a contributing factor to productivity and worker engagement. A positive work ethos and company culture are priorities for new entrants to the profession. While synchronising staff and organising team-working activities within the hybrid model poses a challenge to companies, it has become an essential practice to retain staff today.

5. Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) DEI has become a critical factor in recruitment today with companies prioritising diversity within teams. Identifying opportunities for DEI in the legal workforce requires strategic target setting and success monitoring. Gen Z and millennials, the newest entrants to the workforce, are typically the most diverse generation and highly conscious of fair DEI initiatives. Ensure that DEI is practised across all groups within the legal practice. To be authentic, it is crucial to represent marginalised groups among management teams and within senior areas of the practice.

6. Digital innovation. Legal tech and Artificial Intelligence (AI) are essential developments to remain competitive in the legal sector today. AI is key for accelerating research and reducing monotonous workplace tasks. Recognising that AI cannot replace the critical thinking and creativity of a legal expert while exploiting its value can actually enhance the career of a legal expert. AI can manage a lot of the groundwork while enabling younger recruits to the profession to engage in more fulfilling, dynamic roles.

7. Cloud Technology. With most clients wanting to work remotely with legal teams and reach their lawyers 24/7, a move to the cloud is indispensable. Cloud technology optimises workflow and cuts costs. It is also the most efficient way of working today and is essential for attracting top legal talent to your business. Ensure that your company provides training in cloud legal software so professionals are confident in using it.

8. Company Culture. A positive company culture goes a long way in attracting and retaining talent at your company. Gen Z cite company culture as a major consideration when applying for jobs. Create a culture that aligns with your values and commit to building teams at work and enabling connections.

9. Brand voice. Cultivating a strong brand is critical for an employer. Promote any awards your firm has online or in publications. Social media is an excellent way to build your brand and get potential recruits’ attention. Share content from your website and job advertisements on social media. Although it’s not the place to offer legal advice, it can be a great place for engaging with and attracting job seekers.

10. Careers page. Ensure that your website is up-to-date and curate your careers page carefully. Career pages are a vital tool for connecting recruits to your company. Share your Employee Value proposition and include company highlights and images from your best teambuilding and professional training opportunities. Highlight company values and include videos that introduce members of your team. Keep it attractive and appealing but be authentic.

11. Promote positive physical and mental health. The legal profession reports a higher-than-average rate of professional burnout cases and struggles with stress management. Legal firms must embrace positive health and well-being strategies and programmes for their teams. Providing more individualised contracts and part-time working possibilities can be positive steps. Another measure is a more open approach to communication about well-being and introducing more mental health awareness training.

12. Reputation. A high percentage of legal professionals will research the reputation of a company before applying for a job there. Top legal professionals don’t want to be associated with a firm whose reputation is subpar. Consider getting reviews and client testimonials for your company and making them visible on your site. Always respond quickly to any negative reviews. List your company in legal directories and consider investing in reputation management software.

13. Assess your company’s commitment to environmental, social, and governance (ESG) issues. Generation Z and millennials are highly conscious of making a difference in society. We have all lived through a period of huge change and instability, which has heightened social awareness. ‘Conscious quitting’ is a trend where employees leave their jobs in companies that don’t honour strong corporate values. It is worth making efforts to commit to ESG principles in your company and show this commitment in working practices.

The legal sector is growing, with growth predicted to rise over the next decade. Changes in legislation, data security, compliance, and cryptocurrency will have major implications for the sector. It is an exciting time for legal professionals. If you are looking for top-tier legal talent to join your team, contact Accelerate for more details.