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Accelerate Recruitment Finance & Legal Salary Survey 2021

Salary Survey Guide Feb ’21

Updated with the latest sectors and salaries to reflect the latest trends, market activities and salary market rates.

Salary Survey February 2021 for Finance and Legal Jobs – Malta

Fortunately, the COVID-19 pandemic hasn’t impacted the Maltese job market as it has our daily lives. The specialised areas of finance, accounting, compliance, banking, payments and insurance are stronger than ever with the exception of aviation and tourism which have been highly affected. The surrounding industries have remained stable throughout this unpredictable period, especially for senior and management roles.

The finance professionals emerging from the affected sectors have been hired by other sectors, for example in the area of retail and corporate services. These Malta based companies and organisations see light at the end of the tunnel and are preparing for more growth. In these new conditions, the role of a specialised recruitment agency remains crucial to source the top talent. In a snapshot, junior and less skilled professionals have become more easily available (mostly due to the financial impact and lack of security most companies felt during the last 10 months of 2020). However, the shock of COVID-19 urged companies to have highly skilled candidates to cover the key functions. So, the market for senior professionals was constantly vibrant, especially in regulated markets such as financial services, fintech and iGaming. For some sectors, we have also seen a period of growth in terms of revenue for payment providers, insurance, pharmaceutical and iGaming (with the exception of sportsbooks) companies.

Also, the particular status of the regulated entities in Malta, which have advised companies to establish or preserve high governance controls in the area of compliance and AML, have pushed harder to promote the importance of skilled professionals in this field. As a result, there was no noticeable decrease in salaries during this period despite the uncertain conditions.

Accelerate Recruitment consultants are experts in recruiting within their specialist sector of the finance & legal market in Malta. Accelerates goal is to be the top recruitment agency in Malta for these industries. Our laser focus on these niches means that our consultants have an in-depth knowledge of the market and that keen insight forms the foundation for everything we do. We have placed financial professionals which include CFOs, Head of Payments and several key functions holders such as Compliance Officers, Risk Officers, and MLROs for major fintech and iGaming companies for both Maltese and international companies. We have created this specific Finance and Legal Salary Survey to share our insights into the market with candidates and hiring teams to help them make their next career move or to improve their recruitment process.


How do we get this information?

We compile this salary survey from 12,000 people in Banking, Finance and Legal in Malta. We also look at the salaries offered by 150 companies and government organisations across the Maltese Islands.

We consider trends in regulation in the EU, which have a significant impact on the Finance and Legal Jobs and Employment in Malta. We also consider local information and statistics from the NSO.

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