Banking & Payments Jobs Market February 2024

The most sought-after skills in Malta’s Banking & Payments market currently include a mix of technological proficiency and soft skills. On the technical side, expertise in digital payment technologies, cybersecurity, and data analytics is highly valued. Soft skills like adaptability, effective communication, and strategic thinking are also crucial, as they enable professionals to navigate an increasingly complex and dynamic financial environment.

Over the past six months, the market has seen a rapid shift towards digital banking and payment solutions. This change has been accelerated by the growing consumer demand for online banking services and contactless payments, partly influenced by the ongoing global shift towards digital transactions.

Salaries in the Banking & Payments sector in Malta have generally been on the rise. This trend can be attributed to the growing demand for professionals skilled in emerging financial technologies and digital payment systems, combined with a relatively limited supply of such talent.

Companies actively hiring in this sector range from traditional banks undergoing digital transformation to fintech startups focusing on innovative payment solutions. These companies are looking for individuals who can help them navigate the changing landscape of digital finance and payments.

Candidates in this market are typically looking for roles that offer not only a competitive salary but also opportunities for professional growth. They are interested in positions that provide exposure to the latest technologies in digital banking and payment systems, along with a dynamic and innovative work environment.

Clients and hiring companies are particularly focused on candidates with a blend of technical expertise and soft skills. They value professionals who can manage and analyse large sets of financial data, understand and implement digital payment systems, and possess strong problem-solving and communication skills.

To attract top talent, companies are offering comprehensive benefits packages. These often include flexible working conditions, attractive performance-based bonuses, opportunities for continuous learning and professional development, and wellness programs aimed at ensuring a healthy work-life balance.

In conclusion, Malta’s Banking & Payments market is rapidly evolving, with a clear emphasis on digital skills, adaptability, and innovative thinking. Professionals who can keep pace with these changes and possess a blend of technical and soft skills are in high demand, as companies seek to navigate this new digital financial landscape.

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