Legal & Data Protection Jobs Market February 2024

As Malta approaches 2024, its legal market is experiencing a significant transformation, marked by a balance between traditional legal expertise and an evolving recognition of technological relevance in legal practices.

Professionals well-versed in traditional legal fields such as corporate law, commercial advisory & litigation, and data protection are highly valued in the current market. This demand coexists with the need for understanding newer and innovative areas like software & IT. Essential soft skills like analytical thinking, effective communication, and adaptability are indispensable in navigating the complexities of this diverse legal environment.

The legal landscape has seen a continued emphasis on traditional practices like contract law, mergers and acquisitions, and intellectual property, alongside the growing importance of digital law areas. The integration of technology, such as AI in legal research, complements traditional legal skills. This creates a multifaceted legal market where traditional legal acumen and technological awareness coexist.

Reflecting this trend, salaries in the legal sector have been on an upward trajectory, driven by the demand for legal professionals who can navigate complex legal and regulatory environments and blend conventional legal expertise with specific regulatory knowledge in various sectors and fields.

The hiring landscape in Malta’s legal sector is diverse. Law firms focusing on traditional legal practices continue to recruit aggressively, as well as companies setting up and maintaining in-house legal teams. This has in turn created a lot of opportunities for lawyers to really choose their path in an environment they feel comfortable in.

Candidates are attracted to roles offering growth opportunities across various legal fields, encompassing both traditional legal work and contemporary issues like technology and data protection. Competitive compensation and dynamic work environments are key considerations in their career choices.

Employers are seeking candidates with a strong grounding in traditional legal frameworks and specialised expertise into their relevant areas. They value ethical judgment, meticulousness, and the ability to apply legal knowledge effectively in various contexts.

To attract and retain top legal talent, companies are offering benefits such as flexible working arrangements, professional development opportunities in diverse legal areas, competitive salaries, and performance bonuses. This reflects a market that values a multifaceted approach to legal expertise.

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