Why December is a great month for Finance Recruitment

While many businesses wind down on the run-up to Christmas and focus on completing projects or enjoying end-of-year festivities, the month of December can be an excellent time to recruit new talent in the financial sector. The pressure to spend money and reevaluate finances coming up to Christmas can incentivise people to consider a career change and start seeking new employment possibilities.

This article outlines reasons why companies should continue the hiring process throughout the month of December.


14 reasons to recruit in December

1. Recruitment teams have greater availability.

There is generally less pressure to recruit for positions, so hiring managers have more time to consider applications and meet new candidates. A decreased workload means it’s a good time for management to update the company profile and increase its visibility on social media. The end of the year also gives hiring managers the impetus to make a decision without procrastinating into the new year.


2. Candidates have more downtime at work and can surf for job opportunities.

They also have more flexibility to attend company visits and interviews during the month of December. Often they have Christmas shopping half-days and holiday leave to use up and management is more willing to let them leave the office without asking too many questions.


3. Christmas bonuses.

The Christmas bonus often gives professionals a valid reason to stay in an unsatisfactory position. They might already be planning to hand in their notice and seek opportunities elsewhere. December is an opportune time for advertising jobs and contacting professionals about new positions in the New Year.


4. New Year is an opportune time for reassessing career options and starting afresh.

In December, candidates are often biding their time in their current job and looking for fresh opportunities. While this might mean there are more talented and interested candidates out there, employees in your business might also be planning on exiting after Christmas. Accessing a talent pool and having contact details of job seekers might be helpful for your business in the New Year.


5. Some cultures don’t celebrate Christmas.

The festive period may not be such an occasion for all individuals. Keeping the recruitment process active in December can be a great way of attracting multicultural candidates and promoting diversity within the workforce.


6. Less competition for candidates.

Recruitment budgets often run low in December so many recruiters ease up and postpone the process until January. This actually means less competition for talent and a better chance of attracting high-calibre applicants.


7. Smoother onboarding.

December can be a great month for introducing candidates to the workplace. People are more relaxed and have time to offer inductions and health and safety training. It can be a good time for new hires to shadow colleagues and learn the ropes so they can feel confident and get up to speed for starting in January. This gets the company and employees prepared to set new goals and get off to a great start in the New Year.


8. Social Media Activity is high.

With people shopping online and engaging more with friends and family on their mobile phones, recruiters can advertise their brand widely on platforms and offer visible opportunities to attract and engage candidates.


9. Courses often end in December.

Many universities and courses finish up in late autumn providing a stream of top-tier candidates seeking opportunities. Few job fairs are scheduled in December, so it can be a great time to recruit new hires.


10. Networking opportunities.

Christmas parties and holiday events offer fantastic chances to engage with potential candidates. Christmas also offers a great occasion to communicate with other companies by sending Christmas greetings to interesting prospects and candidates.


11. Candidates that go home for Christmas.

With many professionals returning home to visit their families for the festive period, they often decide they’d like to stay closer to friends and family long-term. This can be a fantastic opportunity for recruiters to get their attention while they’re home.


12. Budget review.

Companies often review their budget and plan ahead for January. Sometimes companies have budgets to use up by the end of the year. Recruiting new employees can be a great investment. It also makes December a great month for recruitment agencies to contact companies and discuss the budget for January,  getting a headstart on assessing recruitment possibilities for the year ahead.


13. An unpredictable job market.

With the rising costs of living and looming uncertainty about employment and career progression, prospects are keen to find earning possibilities sooner rather than later. People often feel motivated to bring good news to their families at Christmas which increases their job-seeking in December. It can be a good time to set the wheel in motion.


14. Charity events are everywhere.

Recruitment companies can sponsor charity events or just participate and raise the company profile while engaging with the community and making contact with new prospects. People are often more sociable and willing to chat about their careers and aspirations at festive events outside work.


The above reasons suggest why it makes sense to continue the hiring process throughout the month of December. It also means agencies can finish the year feeling accomplished and knowing that they’ve met more recruitment goals. Recruitment managers can really enjoy the holidays knowing that some companies will be staffed with great candidates right after Christmas while the recruitment process for others is well underway.

For more information on recruitment in December and how it can benefit companies looking to hire staff during the festive season, feel free to get in touch with us.