Human Resources (HR) Jobs Market April 2023

Malta’s Human Resources (HR) market is undoubtedly thriving, and over the past year, the industry has experienced phenomenal development and intense specialisation. We are a long way from the time when a human resources officer handled hiring, salary, business partnerships, etc.

Despite the existence of generalist roles, there is a tendency for departments to be built with highly qualified and skilled professionals in various fields, from talent acquisition to an HR Business Partner, from Payroll to Brand Development and Management. This reflects in the roles that are very specific and detailed.

This environment is supported by a strong educational system, both public and private, which gives this specialisation its academic foundation. The variety of degrees and courses available in this area ranges from the University of Malta to many private schools.

Since they had to change policies and practices to fit the new reality during the pandemic, this industry has been very active. Now that things are more stable, they need to return to a more normal setup, so the challenge is to “bring back” while looking ahead.

In this industry, new benefits policies are being developed as the new pattern. Remote choices are something that is very popular and where most businesses are excelling. Working from abroad used to be more of an internal agreement, but there is now a trend to actually solve some issues, which is important because Malta is a very international country with foreigners who want to spend some of their working time from their home country. An even more complicated variant of it is the “work holiday,” which permits professionals to work from anywhere in the world for a predetermined period of time.

With a slight rise for more senior professionals, salaries have remained relatively stable over the past year. There is a significant pay gap between local businesses and iGaming/international businesses, which typically give higher salaries. In this situation, hiring and retaining qualified professionals is difficult for neighborhood businesses.

However, because local businesses are frequently very structured in terms of roles and procedures, this is a great starting point to gain experience. For access to high-level jobs in HR, prior knowledge of local onboarding, offboarding, and payroll procedures is essential.

Startups typically have more enticing packages to offer, and they place a higher value on a diverse range of experiences from various nations and industries. The most popular benefit is remote working, particularly for talent acquisition staff or Head of/HR Managers in IT and agile companies who require more department design than actual management.

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