This area of the job market for accounting professionals and Part Qualified Accountants in Malta has been relatively stable throughout 2021. Similar to the beginning of the pandemic last year, there has been no significant movement in this sector and it has continued to stay relatively strong with a balanced and healthy mix of vacancies available for part-qualified accountants and accounting assistants.

There tends to be a range of skills in this area with most candidates being of a more junior level. There are a variety of opportunities for those on their CPA (Certified Public Accountant) Warrant attainment journey or others who have gained practical experience as a bookkeeper, accounting assistant etc. Many candidates in this market are choosing some level of less intensive additional study to support their career within the finance department.

Once again, the financial services market has shown stability but the salaries remain inconsistent given the variety of industries that employ junior accounting professionals.

Usually, candidates in this sector are beginning their ACCA qualification or they have decided that they no longer wish to continue studying and would rather simply focus on working and gaining valuable work experience. Hiring companies for part qualified accountants are typically searching for professionals who want to progress in their careers and are eager to learn and grow within the company.

With candidates normally focused on their ACCA or CPA qualification, the most sought-after benefit scheme in this sector remains the covering of study expenses with some study leave also being offered for exams. As was the case at the beginning of the year, Corporate Service Providers (CSP) are becoming the go-to place for junior finance professionals to build a career as an accountant.

The amount of exposure on offer both locally and internationally is highly valuable for aspiring accounting professionals. Some who wish to progress in the accounting profession are attracted to the varied industry exposure which allows these juniors to get a sense of where they would like to focus their careers in the future.

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