Over the past 6 months, there has been a change in demand for traditional financial roles. Roles in the newer areas such as igaming and blockchain were highly sought after, but now there is more demand from corporate services over iGaming. Accounting firms have experienced a stronger demand and appreciation as they are viewed as stable roles.

ACCA qualification or a Master of Accounting is still the most required skill set in this market. Management qualifications, such as an MBA, are becoming more and more attractive in the market.

Soft skills are in high demand with hiring companies wanting candidates who stand out technically but can also think outside the box – they seek candidates who can be more versatile and adaptable. Background and consistent experience are also starting to play a massive role.

Salaries have remained steady over the past 6 months. Corporate services, igaming and blockchain companies continue to hire. They have seen a slight loss due to the COVID-19 outbreak. However, companies hiring in hospitality and tourism in this sector have lost out significantly.

Candidates in this market are generally looking for security when they are considering a role. They tend to look for roles with strong opportunities, good people management, flexitime and roles where they can use their soft skills.

Benefit schemes typically include remote working as a result of the global pandemic. However, companies want their employees to work remotely from Malta as opposed to working remotely from abroad. Companies would ideally like employees to work partially remotely. It is being viewed as a temporary solution.

Flexitime is seen as the most valued benefit that is also being offered along with job security.


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