Part Qualified & Accounting Professionals Jobs Market April 2023

Similar to the beginning of 2021 and 2022, there has been no discernible decline in the need for employment in the partially qualified sector, and the sector has remained robust as we move into 2023. In a sector that was formerly relatively unskilled and junior, we are seeing that skills and exposures are becoming more and more essential and sought after.

The sectors hiring part-qualified accountants continue to be very diverse. Due to the high demand for roles in the iGaming and fintech industries, which is to be expected, insurance companies are now hiring less qualified and seasoned individuals in the hopes that they will develop into top performers over time.

Early on in the year, we are still observing a rise in the demand for specific specialisations within the part-qualified space. There are numerous positions and opportunities where clients are seeking to hire someone who is only partially qualified. However, they would need experience and understanding of treasury, accounts payable, or exposure to PSPs, to name a few.

This trend was a significant factor in 2022, and it doesn’t appear to be changing. This trend allows for excellent career advancement and development within a field that was previously sometimes constrained unless the applicant was to become completely qualified. With this pertinent hands-on experience, partially qualified professionals are earning comparable salaries to newly qualified accountants with little work history.

Typically, candidates in this field are either beginning or continuing their ACCA education, or they have made the decision to stop their academic pursuits in favour of concentrating solely on employment and getting priceless experience.

Employing organisations frequently look for candidates who are eager to advance their careers and acquire new skills while working for them. Since applicants are typically concentrating on earning their ACCA certification, the most desired benefit program in this industry continues to be the payment of tuition costs with the addition of some study time off.

CSPs are becoming the preferred location for young finance workers, as was the case last year. The amount of exposure offered both domestically and globally cannot be matched, and the various industry exposure types give these junior employees a real sense of where they might want to concentrate their efforts in the future in terms of industry.

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